Monday, January 19, 2015

A Ski Runs Through It: Montana, weeks 21-22.

Whoa partner!  Now we're talking.  Talk about open spaces without crowds.  Paradise or at least Paradise Valley, outside of Bozeman, where "A River Runs Through It" was filmed.

Along the way we stopped near Salt Lake and skied with our friend Ron at Alta Ski Resort for a couple of days.  Alta is interesting and Ron loves this place.  It's a kind of ski-anywhere resort that has a cult following.  Lots of crusty, patchouli-smelling, drop-knee tree fairies (telemarkers) skiing some amazing stuff.  They like their tree skiing tight and steep.  No snowboarders allowed at Alta!  We had two fun days of powder skiing, then headed North.

Stopped by Grand Targhee for a few turns, then on to Bozeman.  Boz is like Boulder 50 years ago.  Snow-covered mountains all around, a couple of outdoor sports shops, a college and a cool downtown, complete with brew pubs.  No obviously rude people.  Call it cowboy chic if you want.  We climbed ice in Hyalite Canyon until the avalanche danger got too high.  At night, you just have to look for the blue search light on the tallest building in town.  They turn it on when it snows more than 2 inches.  That's a ski town.  Bridger Bowl is just outside of town.

There is a Fairfield Inn (Marriott) on the road to Bridger Bowl.  Beautiful location with mountains in the background.  We walk in and there is a sign welcoming Brenda Korte (my wife) as Guest of the Day (G.O.D.).  You know where this is going, especially if you're a guy.  What an opportunity.  A second chance at salvation.  A chance for sex with GOD.   Amen, brothers and sisters, I feel a healing coming on.

Skiing was pretty good at Bridger, but we're hunting untracked powder.  So West to Lost Trail Pass where Lewis and Clark got frustrated that they couldn't find a short cut to the Columbia River.  There are no shortcuts in the Bitterroot Mtns. But there is lots of powder.  Sixty two inches of beautiful, fluffy snow in 8 days.  What skiers call "blower pow".  It was good at the local ski resort, Lost Trail Powder Mountain.

But the goods were in the backcountry.  So glad my girl likes to break trail.  Especially with that much fresh powder on the ground.

She can shred too.

 Easy to recognize her with frosted hair and orange goggles.

Lucky guy - after salvation.

 Then on to Glacier National Park.  How cold is it?  -25 F for the low.  That's the "feels like" temp. 

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