Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The beginning

OK, so I've never blogged before and have sworn to never blog, tweet, snapchat, or do many other social media things I don't even know the name of.  But several people have requested that we do a blog about our trip.  Never say never.

So here's the deal.  Brenda (age 47) and I, Steve (age 67) are on an approximately year long climbing trip. It's also a mountain biking, skiing, and ice climbing trip. That's right, we're too old for this sort of thing and there's a 20 year difference in our ages.  But I'm immature for my age and she is mature, so it works. Besides, she can carry a heavy pack and actually likes to break trail at altitude.

We've been saving for this trip for quite a while and training since January. Brenda quit her overpaid, cushy, government job for this trip.  My kind of girl. Right person, right time.  In response, I made a playlist for this drive - titled "Love and Liberation".  The liberation songs are mostly for her, although I'm experiencing it with her.  I think liberation springs from the woman and romance from the man, at least in our relationship. Seems like we each have the other gender in us.  She falls asleep while watching romantic movies while I'm sobbing "It's so beautiful".

Back to the Playlist; it has songs like Dido's No Freedom (without love), Hanging by a Moment (Lifehouse), Freebird, Feel so Free and romantic songs like Love is Another Country, Please Forgive Me, All In, etc. Old folk's music I know, but we're not too old to live fully.  In fact, maybe you can live more fully as you mature.  Maybe, just maybe. your ego shrinks until as Dido just suggested there is "No difference between what you see and who you are ".

The plan is:  Rocky Mtn Nationl Park for August and September
                     Moab for October.
                     Red Rocks for November and 1st half of December.
                     Utah and Montana for the rest of December
                     British Columbia for Jan. - Mar.
                     Wyoming in early April
                     Chamonix for July - Aug, 2015

Brenda will do an internship for her new career around April - June.

We're driving West right now in a fully loaded Subie.  Will update from Estes Park.


  1. Beautifully said! So happy for u all!
    Miss u!
    Love u bunches my friend!

  2. Not sure my post went through so I'll try again. I couldn't find the words to say anything and that is so unlike me! Wishing you a memorable trip.
    Scenery - beautiful
    Blog - frank and glad of it
    Animals - loved that pesky badger!